People Are Really Pissed Over This "Grab Her By The Brain" Campaign

"Maybe don't grab women at all. Anywhere. Ever."

There's apparently a new campaign dedicated to empowering "females" and, based on Donald Trump's "grab her by the pussy" comments, it's called...“Grab Her by the Brain."

Grab Her By The Brain is an initiative dedicated to empowering females of all ages. Honored to take part.…

The campaign's website describes itself as a "movement ... that is dedicated to empowering females of all ages" with a mission to "confront gender inequality with an unparalleled positivity and enthusiasm."

The group is also selling these hats that say "Grab Her by the Brain."

The campaign got a lot of attention after actor Gregg Sulkin, who is listed as an "ambassador" for the group, shared a photo of himself in the hat on Twitter. People immediately had a looot of feelings about the campaign.

a) whaaaaaaaat b) whyyy c) maybe don't grab her by anything d) particularly her brains

It's literally just a website that sells hats

This is amazingly tone-deaf.

People were quick to point out that, perhaps, we shouldn't be "grabbing" women at all.



Don't 👏🏾 grab 👏🏾 women 👏🏾 you 👏🏾 fucking 👏🏾 fucks 👏🏾 Guys, I'm so tired.9

Also, this.

First of all my dude, don't refer to women as "females."


And some were especially pissed that only 10% of proceeds go to charity.

10% of the proceeds go to charity. TEN PERCENT. men are literally profiting off of trump's assault comments

In addition, the group's first beneficiary, Boo2Bullying, is currently not rated by any major charity rating websites and has raised just $428.78 so far, according to its own website.

Three "Grab Her by the Brain" ambassadors also serve on the board for Boo2Bullying.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Grab Her by the Brain and Boo2Bullying for comment.


Campaign founder Elizabeth Ariosto responded to criticism in a statement to BuzzFeed News, saying:

“As a domestic violence survivor and someone who dedicates her life to advocating for women’s rights, I am deeply saddened by the way certain members of our society value women in both the workplace and at home.

Intentionally provocative in nature, Grab Her by the Brain, is designed to serve as a timely metaphor to promote gender equality by using satire to help influence healthy public debate following Mr. Trump’s derogatory remarks about women.

Undoubtedly, our slogan is being used to protest his lewd comments and propel the nation to join in demanding cultural change. My hope is that this campaign will bring every woman closer to achieving their greatest potential without the fear of being objectified or disempowered.”

Actor and campaign ambassador Gregg Sulkin responded on Twitter, saying:

"After the demeaning way women have been referred to in the press these past weeks, I was asked to participate in a campaign that promoted women and did not objectify them. I am sorry if anyone found the wording offensive, however the intent was to promote women for their intellect and not just their bodies."

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