This 3-Year-Old Covered His Whole Kitchen In Carrots And Saved 2016

"Kids really do the funniest things."

This is Patimiosi Olive — Osi, for short — a 3-year-old living in Utah.

Samson turned around, and next thing he knew, saw this:

Samson said he has "no idea" why his son pulled the Great Carrot Heist.

Samson's cousin Madison posted the glorious photo on Twitter, where thousands of people are loving Osi's antics.

My cousin just posted this picture of his son. Look how excited and proud he is of where he put all the carrots. I'…

Osi and his carrots are melting people's stone-cold hearts.

This is the only reason I want to have a child. They are weird AF and I love it.

This is so pure and so silly and so precious

I think this is my favorite tweet ive ever seen

Everyone is so proud of him.

Achievement unlocked😂

I'm proud of him too

The future is in such good hands.

iconic. this kid is going places in life

This kid was born to be an installation artist.

Kids >>>>

Osi does funny stuff like this pretty often, Samson said.

"He used to pretend like he was a dog," he said. "So for a while, when we were potty training him, he wouldn’t go pee anywhere except outside."

Samson said he and his wife "couldn’t help but laugh" when they saw Osi's little art installation.