A Swarm Of Goats Got Loose And Descended On A Neighborhood

“I am ready for Goatpocalypse.”

Residents of a neighborhood in Boise, Idaho, woke up to an odd sight Friday morning: A swarm of goats was on the loose!

According to KTVB, about 100 goats were “going house to house eating everything in sight.”

And no one could figure out where they’d come from.

Naturally, everyone completely lost it.

#Breaking - About 100 goats are on the loose right now in a #Boise neighborhood. They are going house to house eating everything in sight. Nobody has a clue where they came from...updates to follow https://t.co/K0ghUwQEfk

There were so many puns.

Team Goats!!!!

Eventually, a truck pulled up, rounded up the goats, and loaded them in.

Party is over “kids”! Loose goats have been cornered and loaded back onto a truck owned by “We Rent Goats”

Police told BuzzFeed News the goats belong to We Rent Goats, a company that rents out goats to eat grass, kind of like a lawn-mowing service.

The goats “broke out of a nearby field and went into the neighborhood” the previous night, police said.

All the goats have now been rounded up.

The company has insurance and will follow up with residents whose lawns were damaged by the goats, police said.

We Rent Goats did not immediately respond to request for comment.

A spokesperson for the Idaho Humane Society said they sent animal care and control officers to the scene after receiving a call that “approximately 50 goats were at large.”

The residents “seemed to appreciate the humor of having a large herd of goats in their yard for a short period of time until they could be contained,” the spokesperson said.

Well, it was fun while it lasted!


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