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Would Giraffes Wear Ties At The Top Or Bottom Of Their Necks?

Let's settle this.

Posted on November 30, 2016, at 1:15 p.m. ET

An important question is vexing the good people of the internet: If giraffes wore ties, would they wear them like this...

...or like this?

The question was first posed on Twitter by comedian Jeremy Hammond.

When giraffes go to work do you think they put the tie at the top or bottom of their necks? Asking for a friend.

Thousands responded, all certain their theory was the correct one.

Some people are Team Top:

obviously it's the top

mmm top. more professional

The top looks more formal so I'll go with it

And others think wearing it at the bottom just makes more sense:

blatantly at the bottom. who wears their tie directly under their chin? smh

Bottom looks cooler

clearly at the bottom ffs - it's a tie, ain't no damn choker

And some think it's a bit of both — perhaps the bottom of the neck is for more of a casual Friday vibe:

Top looks more professional whereas the bottom looks more like a chillen after 6 hours into the shift

Top for job interview and first few years of employment. Bottom when you've been working for more than 10 years but…

Top neck = Business Bottom neck = Business Casual

@xohillaryrose @jeremythunder dude, I had basically the same thought

At the top. However every Friday night, after a tiring week, it is usual habit to have it at the bottom while getti…

So, which theory is the right one? The world may never know.

Half prefers top, half prefers bottom. It’s a tie.

  1. Weigh in: how would giraffes wear ties?

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Weigh in: how would giraffes wear ties?
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    Top of the neck.
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    Bottom of the neck.
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    I have an alternate theory that I will share in the comments.