13 Mad As Hell Signs From The German Election Protests

"We're still fighting Nazis? Seriously?"

During the German elections on Sunday, the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD) won 12.5% of the vote — the largest percentage since the Nazis, and enough to enter parliament.

After the results were announced, many Germans gathered to protest the rise of the AfD. Here are some of the best signs people brought with them.

1. "Don't repeat history."

2. "We're still fighting Nazis? Seriously?"

One of the signs spotted at the protest against the AfD in Berlin tonight #btw2017

3. "Xenophobia is not an alternative."

4. "Liberté, égalité, fraternité, fuck AfD."

5. "A Fucking Disgrace."


7. "13 percent is a shame."

8. "Death to fascism!"

9. "Break the consensus on nationalism."

10. "Alf instead of AfD!"

11. "Your concerns are racism."

12. "We are the 87%."

23:24. Noch immer Protestieren am Alexanderplatz hunderte Menschen gegen die AfD #87Prozent #btw17

13. "Freeze to death in your bikinis."

"freeze to death in your bikinis" #btw2017

14. "Don't bother us with your German."

15. "We don't want Nazis."


17. "Fight racism."

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