Just Some Funny Election Tweets Since Apparently That's Still A Thing That's Happening

Let's laugh so we don't cry!!!!!

Good morning. The election is still happening, apparently. Are you tired? I'm tired. Do I have to write an intro for this? I feel like you'll be fine without one. Anyway, there are some serious stories about the race linked at the end. In the meantime, here are some funny election tweets. OK, bye.

People at Cheesecake Factory, STAY IN LINE! If you have a buzzer they have to call your table! Do not let chairs on tables prevent you from getting brown bread.

Tired of the electoral map? Here is a map of the legality of owning a Kangaroo by state.

It just occurred to me that this election is following the plot of The Notebook: - A white house - Mail that wasn’t received - A lot of fighting - It wasn’t over - It still isn’t over

voting in this election is like doing a group project with 300,000 people I definitely don't trust

watch nevada walk in to report results with a huge iced coffee

Nevada is that friend who says they're on their way but is actually still lying around in a towel

me aged 13 reading a series of unfortunate events https://t.co/PbakodwWjG

there's one guy in each state that counts the votes for president. sometimes he forgets what number he's at and has to start all over again. not a great system but what can we do. Do not flag this post as misleading it's true

You guys keep making jokes about Nevada being good at counting like that sort of thing doesn't get you in serious trouble there

it honestly must have rocked when you found out who won the election by picking up the morning paper instead of staring slack-jawed at a screen for 72 hours

if ur ceiling looks like this DO NOT worry about biden’s tax plan

congrats to drugs winning the war on drugs btw, underappreciated result

And this is the way it ends. Not with a bang but with a WI/MI/PA.

My friend’s 3 year old daughter asked her mom when she will stop watching the “map show”

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