These Toy Horses Have Quite Detailed Genitalia And People Have Questions

"Not sure why this toy needs this level of detail."

Good morning, how are you doing today? Would you like to see a toy horse with oddly anatomically correct genitalia? No, not particularly? Oops, too late, here it is.

Bob Velcoro told BuzzFeed News he noticed "the unusual horse dick" on Wednesday, when his daughter got a set of toy animals as a Christmas gift.

Not sure why this toy needs this level of detail

"It's not what a horse's junk should look like, so it makes it extra creepy," he said (or, as one commenter noted, "that's a human dick").

Curiously, none of the other toy animals were made like this.

"The gorilla, lion, zebra, giraffe, pig, and sheep do not have dicks," Velcoro said on Twitter. "Only the horse."

In perhaps the best case ever made for dick pics, the horse soon found himself a lady friend.

@atbobb @Dieuwer Maybe they should meet 💕

Ah, romance.

Most who looked upon the horse dick experienced a combination of laughter and shrieking.


Imebahajahww why do we stray farther from what god had planned for us ever day

Others thought it was NATURAL and that horse dicks should be NORMALIZED.

An attempt to normalize anatomy?!?!????

Not sure why this would be an issue. (Actually I totally am, but I'm tired of my culture's nudity taboo)

And, of course, some people thought the dick should be bigger.

Horse dicks are way bigger than that

If we're being honest, that's undersized.

This isn't the first time people have noticed the horse peen. One person shared this photo on Reddit in 2014.

And another offered this compelling sideview:

And with that, I shall leave you with a song:

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BuzzFeed News has reached out to Battat to ask about the horse dicks.

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