Two Fighting Bald Eagles Got Stuck In A Storm Drain And Everyone Thinks It's A Metaphor

"This is more allegory than I can handle right now."

A bald eagle was rescued Thursday night after getting trapped in a Florida storm drain, following an aerial fight with another eagle.

Two eagles stuck in Orlando drain. Things you only see in #Florida #wftv

“I saw two eagles fighting in the sky and they just dropped right into the drain, so I immediately pulled over,” witness Edward Bickerstaff told WFTV.

One of the eagles was able to free itself from the drain, but sat atop the stuck eagle for over half an hour before flying away.

A team of rescuers were then able to rescue the stuck eagle and take it to medical experts.

The eagle has a chest and leg injury after the dramatic rescue.

The eagle, who is female, is now being treated it for a broken beak and chest and leg injuries. She will be released back into the wild after four to six weeks of recovery.

Dianna Flynt, a supervisor at the Audobon Center for Birds of Prey, said the fight likely occurred because the other eagle, who is male, may have encroached upon the female's territory.

This expert opinion that the birds were fighting contrasts with several media reports of the event, some of which have incorrectly claimed the male eagle was "protecting its mate."

Bald eagle protecting its mate that was stuck in a storm drain in Orlando. Take pride in our valiant & regal nation…

Earlier today 1 bald eagle protected another bald eagle who was stuck in a storm drain—I think we could all learn a…

Just days after the election, pretty much everyone took it as a kind of sick metaphor.

There are 2 bald eagles trapped in a Florida sewer drain. This is more allegory than I can handle right now.

A bald eagle flying into a sewer drain, two days after Trump's election is a little too on the nose. God is a hack.

so, today there was a bald eagle stuck in a sewer drain in Florida... and i don't know whether to laugh or cry at t…

"I first thought why would an eagle swoop so low into the sewer drain," one person remarked. "But then I remember 2016 Election DID EXACTLY THAT."

I first thought why would an eagle swoop so low into the sewer drain but then I remember 2016 Election DID EXACTLY THAT


The injured eagle died on Tuesday, caretakers told WFTV.

According to caretakers, the eagle suffered accumulating fluid around its heart and lungs, as well as possible organ failure, due to puncture wounds.

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