The DC Metro Has Been A Shitshow And A Half This Summer

Like, it has approached dumpster fire level.

It's been a rough summer for DC Metro riders, and it only got worse Friday morning when a train derailed in northern Virginia.

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The derailment injured one passenger and suspended WMATA service through Saturday.

The same day, there were multiple reports of stations filled with smoke, including one where passengers were evacuated.

Disrupted train service was replaced with shuttle buses, though that didn't go too smoothly either.

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This summer has also seen broken escalators, delays, and countless complaints of non-air-conditioned train cars.

Basically, people have HAD πŸ‘ IT πŸ‘ UP πŸ‘ TO πŸ‘ HERE. πŸ‘

Hating on the Metro was already practically a requirement of living in DC, but this is a whole new level of dumpster fire vibes.

After all, who could forget The Great DC Metro Flood of 2016?

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In June, torrential downpours turned one Metro station into what looked like a scene from the Titanic.

Some are considering giving up on the Metro entirely, often in favor of an UberPool pass.

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For an up-front fee of $30, the pass offers 20 $1-UberPool rides. But it is only available in DC in August.

"As you can can imagine, this is a pretty pertinent time in DC to offer this," Uber spokesman Bill Gibbons told DC Inno. "It's totally temporary, but it's a good way to lock in prices for rides you have planned."

"We've been getting some very enthusiastic responses," he added. "But we aren't trying to replace Metro. We're a supplement, not a substitute."

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