Germans Seriously Couldn't Believe Trump Didn't Shake Angela Merkel's Hand

"Before hating your job, think about Merkel: She has to see Trump today. That's bad."

At their first White House meeting on Friday, President Donald Trump left German Chancellor Angela Merkel hanging when she asked him for a handshake.

Photographers: Can we get a handshake? Merkel (to Trump): Do you want to have a handshake? Trump: *no response* Mer…

It's not clear whether Trump heard Merkel, but it was still a painfully awkward moment — although the two later did shake hands for the cameras after a press conference.

This Merkel photo will work brilliantly with my collection.

Naturally, the awkwardness inspired some 🔥 memes.

Merkel: "Donald, look at me" Trump: "PHONE" M: "This is serious" T: "PHONE NOW" M: "You're embarrassing yourse-" T:…

It was the secondhand embarrassment felt 'round the world — especially in Germany, where people really couldn't believe what was happening.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new meme," one person declared.

Ladies and Gentlemen, wir haben ein neues Meme #merkeltrump

"Did you clean up your messy room? Look at me when I'm talking to you!" reads the black and white text.

"Before hating your job, think about Merkel: She has to see Trump today —> That's bad," another tweeted.

Bevor Sie heute wieder Ihren Job hassen: Merkel muss heute zu Trump —> DAS ist schlimm.


"Not that [Horst] Seehofer is going to be jealous. That's the look he always gets," said another, referencing a Bavarian politician with whom Merkel often clashes despite being from allied parties.

Nicht das Seehofer noch eifersüchtig wird, dieser Blick ist eigentlich ihm vorbehalten. #Merkel

"Mom is knocking them all out," another quipped.

Mutti schafft sie alle 😎 #Trump #Merkel

"Here's the first photo of Merkel meeting Trump," one person said, sharing a photo of the statue of the little girl staring down the Wall Street bull.

Und hier das erste Foto von der Begegnung zwischen #Merkel und #Trump

A parody account of Merkel even got in on the action: "I wanted to shake hands with Trump. But his hands were so small that he couldn't find them. Awkward silence."

Ich wollte Trump die Hand geben, aber seine Hände sind so klein, dass er sie selbst nicht gefunden hat. Peinliches Schweigen.

Julia Reinstein reported from New York City and Sebastian Fiebrig from Berlin.

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