A Comedian Who Has Allegedly Lied About Being A "Millennial" For Years Will Perform At An Inaugural Ball

Dan Nainan has told countless publications he's in his thirties. He's actually 55, according to reports.

Dan Nainan, a comedian widely known for allegedly claiming to be 20 years younger than he actually is, will perform at the All American Inaugural Ball.

Nainan, a former Intel engineer, made a name for himself as a go-to source for publications writing about millennials, including AP, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and many more.

In 2012, he told the New York Times he was 31 and the Wall Street Journal he was 36.

However, Nainan allegedly is actually 55 years old, as the Daily Beast reported earlier this month.

A website even exists called ComedianDanNainanIsOver50YearsOldAndHisFollowersAreFake.com.

When presented with multiple documents proving his true age, Nainan did not relent, telling the Daily Beast reporter "the mistake is in [his] birth record."

The All American Ball, a major inaugural ball, announced on their website that Nainan will perform at their Jan. 19 event.

Nainan also performed at this ball in 2013, when Obama was elected.

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Nainan told BuzzFeed News he has "proudly performed at 12 inaugural galas in 2009 and 2013," and is "nonpartisan and [does] not support one side more than the other."

"I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 in 2012 and have absolutely no regrets about doing so," he said.

Nainan declined to comment on whether or not he voted for Trump.

People can't believe Nainan's performing at the inaugural event. Wait no just kidding, they actually totally can.

122-year-old "millennial" "comedian" Dan Nainan is performing at the All American Ball inauguration event. Because,… https://t.co/ByZvRZX29Z

And no one can get over Nainan's prolific bio, which is twice the length of fellow event attendee Buzz Aldrin.

Dan Nainan's bio on the Inaugural Ball page is 948 words long. Buzz Aldrin's is 475.

And it's honestly just a wild ride from start to finish:

easily the best line in dan nainan's inaugural ball bio

What a time to be alive, folks.

dan nainan: love 2 perform at the inauguration. i flew here on a private jet president donald trump: this is the funniest youngest comedian

u laugh at dan nainan bc u think he's a liar. bc u think he's a joke. well, he's actually a modern day prophet

I have no idea who Dan Nainan is, so he fits in nicely with the rest of the inaugural lineup.

The All American Ball did not immediately return a request for comment.

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