Fox News Used A Chart To Show Steve Bannon And ISIS Aren't Alike And Now It's A Meme

"Fox News going to incredible lengths to make Steve Bannon look good."

After USA Today published an op-ed on Sunday that drew similarities between President Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and ISIS, Fox News defended Bannon with this chart:

Which like, OK, fair, but it made for a pretty striking visual:

Tucker Carlson sets the bar for Steve Bannon.

This was actually my wedding toast. "Jon never beheaded journalists, used chemical weapons on Kurds, or mass-execut…

The chart went viral after writer Ally Maynard tweeted it, along with a few versions of her own:

Fox News going to incredible lengths to make Steve Bannon look good.

Here's another graphic you can use @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson

One of these is a real graphic from @tuckercarlson. The other three will probably air on @FoxNews later.

Then, people started making their own charts, and it's turned into a bit of a meme:

.@missmayn Baghdadi seems to be on a roll...

@missmayn Did you see they ran this later though?

A lot of people also couldn't believe it was actually happening.

constantly wondering if I'm hallucinating

If you have to compare Bannon to the leader of ISIS to make him look good, maybe you shouldn't have Bannon on your…

TFW you originally wrote "Used chemical weapons" and the fact-checking department went "Let's get more specific jus…

The great thing about this list is that Hitler didn't do these things either.

compared to the worst monsters of history, steve bannon looks pretty good huh checkmate liberals

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