So, Sean Spicer Reportedly Stole A Mini-Fridge From His Junior Staffers

Now that's cold.

In a particularly bizarre anecdote, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday that outgoing White House press secretary Sean Spicer once stole a mini-fridge from his junior staffers.

Less than a month after he began his White House job, Spicer apparently decided he'd like a fridge.

So, he reportedly sent one of his top aides to an office full of junior staffers to demand they give him their mini-fridge. They refused.

But Spicer was not so easily thwarted. Under the cloak of night, he returned.

After 8 p.m., when the staffers had gone home for the evening, a White House official reportedly saw Spicer carrying the fridge down the White House driveway.

The White House did not immediately respond to request for comment.

The absurd story feels like a fitting goodbye to the former press secretary, who became widely known for his blatant lies and ~spicy~ moments.

@kylegriffin1 When you hear Sean Spicer stole a f*cking mini fridge under the cover of darkness.

People really love how the staffers basically may have "told him to fuck right off."

the best part here is how the junior staffers told him to fuck right off

SPICER: let me meet the pope TRUMP: no way SPICER: let me have your fridge LOW LEVEL STAFFER: fuck off sean

And a lot of people are saying they don't feel bad for Spicer.

If you find yourself feeling bad for Spicer, picture him stealing a mini-fridge from junior employees who can't aff…

Sean Spicer is kind of a dick. Dude stole a mini-fridge from junior research staffers. Who does that?…

Many are calling for one last SNL skit of Melissa McCarthy as Spicer with the mini-fridge.

If SNL does not do one last skit of Spicer dragging that mini fridge to his office they might as well cancel the show.

Dear SNL, Plz let Melissa McCarthy ride into the sunset on her podium Segway, dragging a mini fridge behind her. Thanks, America

This priceless Spicer story seems like a microcosm of the West Wing clown show--something no SNL skit can match.…

While others are treasuring what may be the last vestiges of Spicer memes.

Just received verbal govt approval to buy Sean Spicer a mini fridge

me, a simpleton: just go buy a fridge spicer, the true genius: imma steal that shit

Let Spicer have the mini-fridge, it's bad enough they took away his stapler.

Best of luck on your future endeavors, Spicey. (And if you still need a mini-fridge, I'd try Amazon.)

Sean Spicer Has Resigned

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