Chicagoans Stopped In Their Tracks To Watch The Cop Who Killed Laquan McDonald Being Found Guilty

People watched the trial in restaurants, classrooms, train stations, and all over the city.

On Friday, Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of second-degree murder for fatally shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times in 2014.

After it was announced the jury had reached a verdict, people in Chicago stopped in their tracks to watch.

Chicagoans watch TVs in Downtown Chicago as Officer Van Dyke is found guilty of 2nd degree murder. #VanDykeMurderTrial #Vandyke

People watched the trial while waiting for the train.

Literally everyone watching Van Dyke trial on Fullerton stop

And in schools.

Everyone outside of my classroom is watching the Jason Van Dyke verdict rn

And in restaurants.

All of us at Shake Shack in the West Loop watching Jason van Dyke verdict. #LaquanMcDonald

Students came together to await the verdict.

Dominican University comes together to await the #LaquanMcDonald trial verdict.

Staff of @TheDePaulia watching the Van Dyke verdict before our office is evacuated

As did newsrooms.

Sun-Times newsroom waits to hear word of verdict of jury in #LaquanMcDonald

The entire ⁦@WBEZ⁩ newsroom awaiting the #LaquanMcDonald verdict.

“Literally every Chicagoan stood where they were to listen and watch that court hearing,” one person said.

literally every Chicagoan stood where they were to listen and watch that court hearing and got what they wanted VAN DYKE IS FUCKIN GUILTY

Chicagoans watched with their families.

my dad are i were on the phone watching the verdict together and crying jfjfjfjd laquan finally has justice i love u forever chicago #VanDykeMurderTrial #BlackLivesMatters

And coworkers.

We're all gathered around a laptop at work watching the verdict, and the vindication and relief is palpable. #VanDykeMurderTrial #LaquanMcDonald

I work in East Chicago. The entire cafeteria is silent, watching the verdict announcement in the Van Dyke case. #LaquanMcDonald #SayHisName

There was a “moment of elation” when Van Dyke was found guilty, Chicago Sun-Times reporter Sam Charles tweeted.

A moment of elation outside City Hall as the Jason Van Dyke verdict is announced

Protesters outside the courthouse rejoiced at the news.

One woman “fell to her knees, weeping, crying ‘justice,’ and started to pray,” said reporter Kim Bellware.

This woman just fell to her knees, weeping, crying “justice” and started to pray #VanDykeTrial

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