Chance The Rapper Told The Adorable Story About How He Met His Fiancé At Age 9

"I knew I was gonna marry that girl."

Chance the Rapper and his fiancé, Kirsten Corley, are getting married this weekend.

The longtime couple, who have a young daughter together, got engaged this summer at a 4th of July barbecue.

To celebrate the big upcoming weekend, Chance finally opened up about how they met. Spoiler alert: it is extremely cute and legitimately rom-com–worthy.

Chance said the photo he shared of Corley as a young girl was taken on the day they first met — in 2003, when he was 9.

In a series of Notes app screenshots, Chance explained how the two first met at a family party for the real estate company where his mom worked.

"I was probably playing a Gameboy in a corner or eating candy, initially unimpressed by my surroundings," the rapper wrote. "But THEN...out of nowhere, we were all told to make room, to spread out and make a circle for a presentation."

It was then that they were told to "make way for an exclusive performance by DESTINY'S CHILD!!"

As you might have guessed, Destiny's Child wasn't actually performing at this company party — but three other young girls were.

The girls, who Chance said looked "a little bit older than me," danced and lip-synched to "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child.

And that's when he saw her.

"Now I'm locking eyes with the prettiest girl I ever seen in my almost-a-decade of life on Earth," Chance said. "I really shouldn't even say locked eyes cause really, I was just staring at her."

Chance said his dad then nudged his shoulder to encourage him to join in and dance — after all, he'd already become an accomplished dancer and won talent shows — but he didn't.

"This wasn't the time or place," Chance wrote. "Not just because it wasn't my party, not because it was their moment to dance, not even cause I was nervous about dancing in front of folks."

"It's cause I knew I was gonna marry that girl, he wrote. "And I ain't wanna jump the gun."

It doesn't sound like sparks flew at this first meeting — Chance was nervous and never even introduced himself, he wrote.

It wasn't until South by Southwest —in 2012!!! — that the pair met again and "eventually when back in Chicago we connected the dots."

"16 years later it's happening," he wrote. "This [weekend] is the time, and the place is my wedding. I'm gonna dance with my wife because this is my destiny."

Naturally, pretty much everyone melted into one giant puddle over the story.

This is hella sweet. Congratulations to Chance and his soon to be wife!! 💜 #BlackLove

There were tears.

@chancetherapper the last sentence

Like, a lot of tears.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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