We Talked To Two Guys Who Ate Cereal Out Of A Pothole

"You should definitely try it — gets you out into the fresh air and sunshine, and you don't have to wash any dishes after."

In case you were not aware, pouring cereal into potholes is kind of a thing.

When it's been done, it's usually been as a quirky, local protest against bad road conditions.

Similarly, people have taken baths, planted flowers, and even buried a skeleton in potholes.

Still, the handful of times the cereal protest has been documented online, only a few brave souls have gone so far as to eat the cereal out of the pothole. We talked to two of them. Let's meet them.

Andrew*, 22, from Michigan.

If any of y’all were wondering what Michigan’s like

(*Andrew asked to be identified only by his first name so he does not attract too much attention "because I did the stupid thing.")

Sébastien Doucet, 27, from Montreal.

Facebook: video.php

BuzzFeed News: Let's get right into it. Why did you decide to eat cereal out of a pothole?

Andrew: I don’t know where the idea came from, but when it came to me I knew it would be funny and people would like it.

Sébastien Doucet: Well it all started when I was driving hungry, and everybody drives poorly when they're hungry, right? Which brought me to hit a massive pothole, and the idea just came crashing into my head to join the two problems into one! Not to mention the slap in the face it would be to the city if it actually got viral, which it did.

BF: What did your friends say? Did they try to stop you?

A: I described what I wanted to do to my roommate, and he was a little weirded out at first. But as I kept describing it, it became funnier and funnier to him too.

BF: How are people responding to you eating cereal out of a pothole?

SD: I got a lot of love for the art form and being sort of the voice of every Montrealer sending a message to the government! But I also got a lot of shit for the wasting aspect of my ways. Either way, I was happy it made people react in a way where debate was possible.

A: All of my friends thought it was absolutely hilarious. They made jokes about other food I could have used, like spaghetti or soup. The Michigan House of Representatives Democrats tweeted it at the Michigan House of Representatives Republicans and told them they need to fix the roads.

Hey @MIHouseGOP we said Michiganders need better ROADS, not more BOWLS. https://t.co/txgb7lgWy0

BF: Are the potholes really bad in your community?

SD: Oh boy! Almost an emblem. Kinda like the Olympic stadium, we're notorious for it.

A: The potholes are so bad in Michigan, but people are disproportionately upset at their government. Like our government could definitely be doing a better job, and they should, but like, potholes are going to exist.

BF: So, how much of the cereal did you eat? Like how deep into the ground did you eat?

A: The pothole was probably like six inches deep and it was filled all the way up with cereal. I tried to skim off the top so I wouldn’t get any of the cereal that was touching the dirt on the bottom.

BF: Was there milk in it too?

A: Yes, whole gallon!

BF: So...how did it taste?

SD: I like Froot Loops. I made sure I didn't reach for the bottom part with all the crap, you know.

A: It was great. You wouldn’t know if it was a bowl or a pothole.

BF: Have you considered eating any other foods out of potholes?

SD: Yes indeed. I had a couple of ideas in mind like soup, huge tea, salad, etc.

BF: Do you have any advice for someone considering eating cereal out of a pothole?

A: You will need a smaller, deeper pothole for it to be more bowl-like.

BF: Would you eat cereal out of a pothole again? Would you suggest it to others?

A: Nope! Would not do it again. It was the kinda thing you do once to say you did, ya know?

SD: You should definitely try it — gets you out into the fresh air and sunshine, and you don't have to wash any dishes after.

BF: Just don't eat too far into the dirt, right?

SD: Right.

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