Twitter Redesigned Its Site And People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It

"I feel attacked by this new Twitter update."

On Thursday, Twitter unveiled a brand-new site redesign featuring round avatars, more white space, and a number of other small changes.

So fresh. So clean. So live. Check out our new look. 👀👇

People were totally and completely chill about it. Just kidding.

i feel attacked by this new twitter update

when twitter rolls out a new update with no warning

Nice, they made Twitter ugly as hell

There are just a few other problems people think warranted a fix first.

twitter: what do you want users: stop banning people for standing up to assholes twitter: everything is bubbles now

everyone: wed like twitter to be a safer place to express yourself twitter: got it less sharp corners safety first

the floor is twitter actually fixing problems and at least having a good design

Like making an edit button.

Twitter: okay guys, what do you want? We: An EDIT Button Twitter: What? a new Twitter UI We: No.. No.. "EDIT" butto…

twitter users: let us edit tweets twitter: the stars are now hearts twitter users: an edit button please twitter: we made everything round

Or, I dunno, fewer Nazis.

TWITTER: what do users want? USERS: fewer nazis, mostly TWITTER: what if we did a graphical redesign instead

twitter users: you should round up these Nazis twitter: ok, here you go

Twitter: ok how can we improve the website Users: half my mentions are nazis saying they wanna gas me Twitter: the avatars are now circles

Though some liked the change.

New Twitter Design -- I like. Needs a little getting used to but welcome changes. #Twitter

Well I like the new twitter design 🙊 don't attack me pls 😂 #NewTwitter

People are imagining what could have possibly served as the inspiration for the redesign.

what happened recently that made Twitter so obsessed with rounded edges and circular design

the new twitter looks like when a cw show wants to reference twitter but they haven’t cleared it so they mock up a clone called like Bloggy.

And imagining what could possibly be next for the site.

a sneak peek of twitter in 2018

Next twitter update: Triangular avatars, 18pt Comic Sans font. No admin tools for DM groups.

But still, pretty much everyone agrees: There's no quitting this site.

me and my twitter friends roasting the website we can't quit

we'll get used to the new twitter changes because we are all imprisoned on this hell website

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