Buckle Up Because Here Is Everything That Happened In January And Woo Boy

Well that escalated quickly.

1. Logan Paul posted a video of a dead body, and YouTube cut ties with him.

2. Hundreds of powerful women in entertainment began the Time's Up initiative to fight sexual harassment in the workplace.

3. Michael Wolff's White House tell-all Fire and Fury came out, and revealed lots of scandalous details from behind the scenes of Donald Trump's first year in office.

From Fire and Fury, here's Trump on his friends' wives -->

The book was a whole lot of 👀, with claims about Trump sexually pursuing his friends' wives and preferring to eat at McDonald's because of his "longtime fear of being poisoned." It also included a whole bunch of buzzy details about the Trump-Russia investigation, many of which were attributed to the president's former senior advisor Steve Bannon.

4. Trump claimed to be a "very stable genius."

....to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius....and… https://t.co/X3UO2xDvEv

Responding to Fire and Fury's claim that many of Trump's allies believed his “mental powers were slipping,” the president tweeted that he is a "very stable genius" and "like, really smart."

5. People briefly lost their minds over the idea of an "Oprah 2020" presidential campaign.

6. It was revealed that Michelle Williams was paid a literal fraction of what Mark Wahlberg got to reshoot a movie.

7. A "bomb cyclone" slammed the East Coast with snow and arctic winds.

8. A false inbound missile threat warning was sent out to everyone in the state of Hawaii.

Early in the morning on Jan. 13, Hawaii residents received an alert warning that a ballistic missile was headed towards the state.

It turned out to be a false alarm — but residents were left in a confused panic until a second alert went out 40 minutes later notifying them of the false alarm.

The emergency worker who sent the alert has since been fired, and the administrator for the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency resigned on Jan. 30.

9. The government had to tell people not to eat pods full of laundry detergent, because teens.

Please don't eat laundry pods. Learn more ways to #preventpoison https://t.co/jjJGA8N1H4

After a meme about eating multicolored Tide Pods exploded across the internet — with people actually doing it — the US Consumer Product Safety Commission had to warn humans not to eat laundry detergent.

The meme persisted, and Procter & Gamble, Tide's parent company, had to launch a campaign begging people not to eat its detergent pods. Meanwhile, YouTube started removing videos of the "Tide Pod Challenge."

10. Several women accused James Franco of sexual misconduct.

11. Thousands of Sam's Club employees across the country suddenly lost their jobs.

12. Chelsea Manning filed to run for US Senate in Maryland...

13. ...and then she showed up at a pro-Trump gala.

crashed the fascist/white supremacist hate brigade party 😂 all selfies were denied 😎💕🌈 #CrashTheFash #WeGotThis… https://t.co/ZLSF2RBiP1

On Jan. 20, Manning attended a gala celebrating the one-year anniversary of Trump's inauguration.

After leaving the event, she appeared to claim on Twitter that she had crashed the party. However, attendees characterized Manning's appearance differently; one source told BuzzFeed News that "while she was not there protesting, she was there in an effort to bridge gaps between left and right."

14. It was revealed that adult film star Stormy Daniels was reportedly paid to keep quiet about a 2006 sexual encounter with Trump in the weeks before the 2016 election.

15. It turns out Trump is very, very afraid of sharks.

16. The government shut down...and then reopened...but maybe not for long.

17. Former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40–175 years in prison for sexually abusing young female athletes over several decades.

18. Trump complained about people immigrating to the US from "shithole" countries.

19. Police found 13 siblings, aged 2 to 29, malnourished and shackled to beds in a home in Southern California.

20. A 15-year-old gunman killed two students and injured 18 others at a Kentucky high school.

21. Trump reportedly ordered the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller, but backed down when White House counsel threatened to quit.

22. Catastrophic mudslides in Southern California killed 21 people and devastated coastal communities.

23. The Trump administration ended Temporary Protected Status for nearly 200,000 people from El Salvador.

24. Aziz Ansari responded to allegations of sexual misconduct.

25. Steve Bannon lost his job at Breitbart...

26. ...and then he got subpoenaed.

27. Hundreds of thousands of women across the US — and the world — took to the streets again for the anniversary of the Women's March.

Ok I lied this is the best. These 13-year-olds “took damsels in distress and turned it around.” “We’re sick of be… https://t.co/bOI5nCMX5Q

On Jan 20., a year after the first Women's March, hundreds of thousands of people once again flooded streets across the US to protest the policies of the Trump administration and other conservative governments.

Hundreds of women turned out for marches in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, DC, as well as smaller demonstrations in London, Australia, Austin, Charlotte, Phoenix, Miami, and elsewhere.

28. Hillary Clinton said she regrets letting a man accused of sexual harassment keep his job on her 2008 campaign.

29. Trump gave his first State of the Union address.

30. A train carrying Republicans to a congressional retreat hit a truck.

BREAKING: GOP train hit a truck on way to retreat. Sources say driver getting medical attention; members okay. Pic->

The train, which had been transporting many Republican members of Congress and their families on their way to a retreat in West Virginia, collided with a garbage truck on Jan. 31.

One person died and another was seriously injured after the accident. The White House said members of Congress and their staffers did not sustain serious injuries.

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