Why Was A Brooklyn Street Covered In Raw Chicken?

We reinvestigate the meaty mystery.

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Back in August, BuzzFeed News investigated a fowl mystery.

A street in Brooklyn had been suddenly and mysteriously covered in heaps of raw chicken — and no one seemed to know why.

"It looked like some weird piece of abstract art," an eyewitness told BuzzFeed News at the time.

Does anyone know what the hell kind of chicken massacre happened in Boerum Hill?

Still desperate for answers in November, BuzzFeed News reopened the case.

We asked local residents and the Department of Sanitation, and even filed a Freedom of Information Law request with the police.

We filmed the journey in our bid to track down the definitive answer to why the raw chickens were across the road.

Check out the video above as we embarked on this egg-cellent adventure.

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