These Fourth-Graders Turned A Math Lesson Into The Most Lit Song Ever

"They're seriously the most crunk class."

Nadine Ebri is a 26-year-old elementary school teacher in Jacksonville, Florida.

Nadine Ebri

"My class, they’re very goofy," Ebri told BuzzFeed News of her fourth-graders. "They turn everything into a song."

Last week, Ebri was teaching her students long division, which is "so hard for kids to get it because there’s so many different steps," she said.

But, rather than get frustrated, something awesome happened: One of the students started dropping a sick beat.

The whole class started singing along, and soon enough, they'd written the most 🔥🔥🔥 long-division song there's ever been:

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On Monday, while preparing for a test, the students got so "extremely hype" singing and dancing to the song that Ebri decided to record it. She posted it on Facebook that night, where it's already passed 8 million views.

"They're seriously the most crunk class ever," she wrote in the video description.

People are loving the video, and praising Ebri for "making learning interesting."

Ebri said it "feels so good" to see her students loving to learn, and she hopes they keep turning lessons into songs.

"Everytime I've taught using music, the kids remembered. Whenever I put anything to a song, they get it," she said.

"If they ever want to turn anything into a song, I don’t stop them," she said. "Let them be themselves."