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This Woman's "Amazon Prime" Halloween Costume Is Brilliantly Punny

She really delivered.

Posted on October 28, 2016, at 3:41 p.m. ET

Halloween is a magical time for pun-lovers, but one woman just showed us all how it's done with this incredible "Amazon Prime" costume.

Katey Hindes / Via

Caron Arnold, an art director at a marketing agency in St. Louis, made it for her office costume contest.

"I had this idea a couple of years ago, and I've thought about making it for a while," she told BuzzFeed News.

Obviously, she won.

Caron Arnold / Via

Arnold shared the costume on Reddit, where she said it took "about 10 hours and lots of hot glue" to make.

"We usually have a few Amazon Prime boxes in our recycle bin, so I started saving them and asked coworkers to bring me their boxes over the past week," she said.

After gathering all the boxes, Arnold said building the costume was "like a puzzle."

Caron Arnold / Via

"I look at lots of reference photos and just start cutting, gluing and piecing it together," she said.

She also gave "major props" to the creator of this Optimus Prime costume tutorial, which she said she drew inspiration from.

People came back with alllll the puns.


And Amazon even shared it on Facebook.

Some Redditors' theorized that it was just a marketing stunt, but Arnold said she "[doesn't] work for Amazon, nor are they a client" — she's just a "good customer."

Arnold "really enjoys making things" and has made costumes for herself and her family before, including a few costumes she's worn to Lady Gaga concerts.

Caron Arnold / Via

And she's particularly proud of how her Amazon Prime costume turned out.

"The helmet will go on my office bookshelf, next to my Gaga concert hats," she said. "They're my trophies."