This Photo Of Senators Looking Like They're "Smoking Reefer" Is A Thing Of Beauty

Now that's what I call a ~joint~ session of Congress.

On Thursday, a photographer captured a picture of three senators, and there's just so much going on here that we need to talk about.

Let's break this photo down. Here we have Sasse, sitting on the railing in very dad-esque gym attire, looking like someone deleted his favorite show off the Tivo.

And here's Schumer, looking like he's double-fisting a venti latte and a joint fat enough to last until midterm elections.

After the photos went viral on Twitter, Sasse said what basically everyone else was thinking: "It looks like Sen. Schumer and I are smoking reefer outside a wedding."

holy moly - it looks like @SenSchumer and I are smoking reefer outside a wedding...

After that, the memes started rolling in.

It got a pretty incredible Photoshop, complete with a rasta cap and a hacky sack.

@BenSasse @SenSchumer @BenHowe

Note the smoke pouring out of Schumer's "joint."

"I thought we were off the record," joked Sasse.

I thought we were off the record

It turned into a pretty incredible caption contest.

SCHUMER: I bought TWO Romphims SASSE: Can't afford them, because avocado toast

tfw dad isn't finished talking to his friend but u wana go to the park

"That party was insane. Last thing I remember is taking two drags off Rand's vape. Then I woke under the Rontunda,…

A ton of people made the same joke about Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who just last week issued a memo ordering tougher sentencing for drug offenses.

Jeff Sessions would not approve

I don't think the Attorney General is going to like this.

don't let sessions see you

And people got REALLY creative imagining the possibilities.

I'm all for @BenSasse and @SenSchumer starring in the remake of Cheech & Chong

Hilarious. Both Sasse & Schumer look like they went to Ping Pong Pizza

Homeless man claiming to be @BenSasse seen harassing lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

This looks like a poster for a 90's Ferris Bueller-esque comedy about how a clever trouble maker finds himself elec…

"Well that escalated quickly," tweeted Schumer, retweeting Sasse.

Well that escalated quickly.

Indeed it did.

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