The Overturning Of Bill Cosby's Conviction Is Being Met With An Outpouring Of Shock And Disappointment

"I never wanna hear 'Well did you report it?' again."

Bill Cosby was released from prison on Wednesday hours after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his 2018 sexual assault conviction, finding that his agreement with a previous prosecutor should have prevented charges from ever being filed.

The sudden reversal of what was seen as one of the biggest milestones in the #MeToo movement was met with shock and disbelief from the public.

Many women are pointing to Cosby's release as yet another example of why so many sexual assault victims don't report their attacker, knowing the vast majority of them will never be charged.

i never wanna hear "well did you report it?" again. 60 women accused Bill Cosby, and even with 60 accusers we took years to convict, and now he's going free anyway. there are no consequences for rape and rapists know that. so let's be real: rape is fully legal in this country.

Twitter: @hellolanemoore

More than 50 women came forward with credible, substantiated accusations against Bill Cosby. Once again, the system shows women we cannot depend on anyone to protect us but ourselves. I feel like my god damn head is going to explode.

Twitter: @LittleMissLizz

Others are reflecting on how many of the powerful men who've been accused of sexual abuse numerous times have faced little to no consequences.

Bill Cosby was convicted of it and got released 2 years later. Trump bragged about it and was never even charged. This is why women hesitate to come forward about sexual assault, in case it was still unclear.

Twitter: @OhNoSheTwitnt

“When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” Bill Cosby is a free man. The rich and powerful play by their own rules.

Twitter: @WajahatAli

It's a grim truth, especially when you realize how many "canceled" people are still wealthy, famous, and active in their careers.

so just so we're clear, Bill Cosby is out of jail, Louis C.K. is touring, Chris D'elia is still doing shows in LA and cancel culture has absolutely gone...too far

Twitter: @bellykachman

The years-long narrative that the #MeToo movement had somehow gone too far is/was pretty ludicrous when you consider Bill Cosby is getting out of jail, Louis C.K. back on tour, etc.

Twitter: @KaivanShroff

The overturning of Cosby's conviction is a frustrating end to a painful saga, and it's reminding many people of how broken the legal system can be for sexual assault survivors.

Bill Cosby, a serial rapist who showed no remorse will be released from prison, because of a technicality despite the fact that 50+ credible women accused him and he was found guilty in court. This is absolutely devastating. Fuck the entire system.

Twitter: @why_sophie_why

This is why the legal system will never be the solution to ending rape. It was founded on a system designed for and by rapist enslavers and their pals. And since then, the law has been designed to allow as much sexual violence as possible.

Twitter: @wagatwe

Bill Cosby got away with it. He got away with potentially sexually assaulting on the order of 60 women. If that doesn't cause SOMEBODY to CHANGE SOME GODDAMN LAWS I cannot think of what will.

Twitter: @ElieNYC

Still, it is based on a legal technicality — not new information or anything suddenly suggesting his innocence.

Bill Cosby is being freed because of an incompetent prosecutorial process, not because he’s been suddenly deemed innocent. The court did not analyze his conduct. Just want to make that clear.

Twitter: @AhmedBaba_

Many are seeing it as a reminder of all the other people facing far harsher consequences for minor crimes, particularly the thousands of Americans imprisoned for marijuana-related offenses.

People in jail for a gram of weed watching Bill Cosby going free

Twitter: @_the_memedealer

It also comes just days after Britney Spears spoke out about her legal battle over the court-ordered conservatorship that has stripped her of her personal freedoms for over a decade.

We said free Britney not Cosby

Twitter: @treydayway

We live in a world where Britney Spears has people controlling her uterus, but Bill Cosby is free. Got it.

Twitter: @rmayemsinger

In the face of the stunning news, people are sending their thoughts and solidarity to the nearly 60 women who've said Cosby assaulted them.

I'm thinking about all those brave women who sat and allowed their photos to be taken for the 'New York Times Magazine' cover story about Cosby. Who went through all that trauma of reliving what he'd done to them when they testified in court. And how they must feel right now.

Twitter: @lisang

My thoughts are with the women that Bill Cosby raped and assaulted, may they find the strength to get through today and every day going forward. I cannot begin to imagine how hard today's news has hit them.

Twitter: @JuliExplores

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