This Dog Is Way Too Big For His Tiny Bed But He Loves It Anyway

You're too big for that bed, Kenny!!!!

This is Paeton Mathes, a 15-year-old from Indiana, and her mother, Heather Stoddard.

And this is Kenny, their very good dog.

When it arrived, the mother and daughter realized the bed was just a liiiittle bit too small.

Surprisingly, Kenny tried it out, and he's been loving his new bed ever since.

"And because everyone was worried, yes, we have another bed he sleeps on," she said.

Paeton shared pictures of Kenny and his bed on Twitter, and everyone is in love with him.

so my mom accidentally ordered an xs dog bed but he's still grateful..

People cannot handle how sweet and grateful Kenny is for his teensy bed.

i'm crying dogs are amazing

oh my gosh

this is so cute I love it

And now, people are sharing photos of their big dogs in their beloved tiny beds.

@paetonmathes I know how you feel my husband accidentally bought a cat bed but my pup loved it lol

@paetonmathes @thereminfan I ordered an XL dog bed, but it turns out I had an XXL dog.

@paetonmathes @allie_kerns Big dogs know no bounds

(And some tiny dogs in tiny beds, too.)

Anyway, my heart is bursting and I love dogs so much.

@paetonmathes mine has her own giant bed but still thinks that this tiny tiny bed, is a great option.

@paetonmathes We're just gonna act like Miley didn't do this a year ago?

@paetonmathes @anna_mc Little bed, big dog volume II

Good boy, Kenny!

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