People Are Obsessed With This 1-Year-Old's Cute Little Dream Home

"My daughter living better than I am."

Alexis Smith is a 21-year-old single mother and college student in Murphy, Texas.

Smith recently put together this cute little dream home for Nova, and people are straight-up obsessing over it.

It even includes a tiny Benz! 😍

And just wait until you see the kitchen.

After Smith shared it on Twitter, thousands of people retweeted it.

My daughter living better than I am💀

And people low-key want Nova's life.

Lil momma is pushing a Benz?? She is clearly living her best life 😍.

how my children gonna be living🙂❤️

In a gated community! Bless 😭

"Whassup MTV CRIBS this ya girl Doin it big in the playpen!" *camera fast fowards then slow mos the dance moves*

Being a single mother and a survivor of abuse, Smith said she hopes to show her daughter "what she's supposed to have on her own at an early age so she knows that she can be independent when she gets older."

And she hopes Nova can learn that same self-reliance.

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