People Are Loving This Dog Who Climbs On Another Dog To Beg For Treats

"She pretty much uses him as a stepping stool."

This is Adriana Burkhart, 19, with two of her dogs: a 10-year-old golden retriever named Hank, and a 2-year-old mutt named Bella.


Burkhart is a junior at Michigan State University and is from Midland, Michigan. She has a grand total of FIVE (!!!!) dogs. Bella lives with her at school, and Hank and the others live with her parents.

"Ever since we got Bella, Hank has loved her," Burkhart told BuzzFeed News. "She fit in one hand when I got her, but Hank would just sit and stare at her."

"She eventually started playing with him and she would bite at his ears and he would just lay there and smile at her," she said. "They sleep together whenever I visit home and she chases him all around the house."

As you may have noticed, Bella is a wee bit smaller than Hank — but she figured out a trick to make up for it.


Burkhart said Bella figured out how to climb on Hank all by herself around a year ago, when she realized she needed a boost to get on the couch.

"She's the smallest of the dogs, so she uses him whenever she wants attention but all the other dogs are around," she said. "She pretty much uses him as a stepping stool."

From there, it "kind of escalated."

"I heard Hank walking around the living room, and I looked up, and Bella was just laying on him going from room to room," said Burkhart.


"My mom and I couldn't believe it," she said. "And we just kind of looked at them and looked at each other in a simultaneous 'What just happened?' kind of moment."

Since then, whenever Burkhart comes home on weekends, Bella rides Hank around — especially since they figured out it gets them a lot of attention.

"I go home all the time, and the moment Bella walks through the door, her and Hank go CRAZY," she said. "They just hang out all day, which in turn means she rides him around the house."

That trick especially comes in handy when Bella begs for food (aka often).

"Whenever we're making food, she uses Hank to get a better vantage point so she can be closer to the counter," said Burkhart. "She's got a pretty good puppy dog eye, so they both end up getting treats whenever that happens."

Hank, who Burkhart said "isn't the brightest crayon in the box," doesn't seem to mind carrying Bella around.

"Honestly, most of the time, Hank doesn't even seem to notice," she said. "I'm pretty sure that he likes it, because when she jumps down he'll follow her around."

People are in love with Bella and Hank's adorable pupper friendship.

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@mikylime @BurkhartAdriana "it ok just take ur time do not rush the snacks i am fine"

And people are relating hard to the two dogs.

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