Here Are The Best April Fools’ Day Pranks On The Internet For 2017

On this day, trust no man and trust no brand. (This post will be updated throughout the day.)

1. Netflix Live

A show in which Will Arnett just narrates a bunch of mundane things for 48 oddly meditative minutes.

2. George Takei running for Congress against Devin Nunes

Well, the cat's out of the bag it seems. Let's do this! #Takei2018

Sadly, this is fake.

3. Seamless and Grubhub's new hardcore parkour food delivery method: DELIVERY X

Introducing Delivery X. Experience food delivery without limits and see what delivery is like without rules & roads…

For when you need that spicy tuna roll but you're feeling X-TREEEEEEEEMEly lazy.

4. Google Gnome

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Like Google Home, but for your yard. (And since Google is kind of the prank lord of the internet, here's a roundup of all its April Fools' Day 2017 jokes from The Verge.)

5. "All Stuf" (creme only) Oreos

The highly rare civilian-made, non-brand viral prank, this "All Stuf Oreos" package was designed by artist/meme-maker extraordinaire Adam Padilla.

(Side note: You'd totally eat these too, right?)

6. Mars life insurance from Progressive

7. Zappos' invisible, unstealable boxes

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8. Emirates' giant airplane with a pool, game room, gym, and park

Emirates unveils plans for world’s largest commercial aircraft. The triple-decker APR001 includes a swimming pool,…

Sorry, you won't be able to go sky swimming in a giant cruise ship–esque plane anytime soon.

9. Pitless avocados from Fresh Direct

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If only.

10. Pornhub's "automatic video sharing"

"Thanks Pornhub!"

11. Quilted Northern's "uSit," "the world’s first biometric bathroom device."

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For logging your logs.

12. The newest language learning course from Duolingo: Emoji

Announcing the world's first Emoji course! Behold, the final chapter in the evolution of human communication. ✏️🏋🚀:…

13. Timehop updates from the future

14. KFC's new ~smart bucket~

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15. Buffalo Wild Wings' "Rally Beard Sauce"

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For beard growth.

16. Amazon Echo with Petlexa

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Including an automatic ball thrower for the good boy in your life.

17. Airbnb "humanless hosts"

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18. A hitchhiker's thumb wearable for hailing a Lyft.

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Lyft seriously committed to this one.

19. Turkey Hill's "," the first ever dating site for cows

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20. T-Mobile ONEsies.

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A full body wearable so they really have you covered.

22. Virgin Australia's doggie flight attendants

Today we are excited to unleash our new Virgin Australia Canine Crew in a world first initiative.

Tbh this is a great idea and it should be real.

23. Auntie Anne's new flower logo.

24. Coffee-flavored Coffee-Mate

Facebook: CoffeemateUSA

For when you need some coffee with your coffee.

25. Petco's "DooDoo Drone"

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26. Subway sandwich-flavored ice cream cones

We're introducing a new range that's so cool it's ice cold! Our #SUBzero ice cream is coming to SUBWAY® stores soon…

27. "Jim Beans"

We’ve been making bourbon for 220 years, but some folks still call us Jim Bean. Hint taken. Introducing Jim Beans:…

"Aged one day in a tin can."

28. Hulu's efficient new way to speed through a show: Hu.

Get to the end more quickly. @EmpireFOX and more now streaming on #Hu.

29. Honda horn emojis

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For when you have more feelings than a car horn can express.

30. Kayak @ Work, for secretly booking travel arrangements when you're at work

31. ANZ Australia "PayPaw," bank accounts for cats

Facebook: video.php

Finally, your free-loading feline can be financially independent.

32. Burger King's Whopper-flavored toothpaste

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33. Royal Caribbean's ski resort cruise ship

We’re incredibly proud to announce the first ever ski resort at sea! @MyRoyalUK 🎿⚓️💙Discover #PisteoftheSeas here -…

34. Garlic sauce by the gallon from Papa John's

Your dreams are now a reality. NEW Garlic Gallons for only $9.99! 🍕

I'd bathe in it, tbh.

35. Equinox removing mirrors from their gyms

36. "Kripsy Cream" gets spellchecked

PEOPLE OF THE UK! We have an important announcement regarding the name of our brand. #KremetoCream

37. A Hot Topic dating app for finding the goth/emo/scene love of your life

Find hot goth, emo, and scene kids in your area and never be forever alone again. Find your match here:…

38. Snapchat filter that looks like Instagram

Wow. Snap's new filter - I assume for April Fools - makes your pic look like it's on IG. SO GOOD!!

So petty and I'm here for it.

39. Tom bought back Myspace

Formally announcing--I finally did it. Bought MySpace back on the cheap. Let's make the Internet great again!!

Not true. Sorry Tom.

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