A Very Big, Fluffy Dog Got Tired On A Hike And Had To Be Carried Down A Mountain

Kato tried his best, okay???

While hiking with his owners Sunday, a very big, very fluffy dog got tired and had to be carried down the mountain trail by a rescue team in Evergreen, Colorado.

The dog, named Kato, is a 5-year-old, 120-pound Great Pyrenees, according to the Evergreen Fire Department.

Kato "was exhausted and most likely dehydrated" when the rescue team got the call about him, officials said.

"Good thing Kato’s humans reached out for assistance as they were about 1 mile away from the trail head," the fire department said on Twitter.

Stacee Martin, a spokesperson for the fire department, told KUSA they carried Kato down the trail on a stretcher, just like they do with people who need assistance.

"He was alert, but he needed some help," Martin said. "When we got down to him, he gave us the same look that any other patient would've: 'Thank goodness you're here!'"

People are very proud of Kato.

he tried his best okay https://t.co/AsVRw2jrRh

Omg Kato, you do you, honey. You let them humans work for you. https://t.co/6x9L5i5uh6

And they're so glad he's okay.

god bless everyone involved they carried her down im sobbing https://t.co/psNb8Vbq88

OH MY GISHSBW STOP!!! what a cute little good boy, he was just tired. i’d walk all the miles to save him https://t.co/Nin72xmGEF

Also, they really, REALLY want to pet him.

I would single handedly crawl through a mile of razor blades with this dog on my back just so I could pet her https://t.co/scHLf7rFDd

We are all Kato.

This dog is me https://t.co/UZ7b64Omsd

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