A Police Officer Has Been Suspended After A Viral Video Showed Him Punching And Tackling A Man

The interim police commissioner said he’s “deeply disturbed by the video” and will be investigating the incident.

A police officer has been suspended in Baltimore after a viral video showed him punching and tackling a man.

TW: Police Violence This is a video of the @BaltimorePolice reported to be from earlier today. And this is why folks don’t have any faith in the police. @MayorPugh50, what’s your response to this? What is happening with the consent decree? https://t.co/yABsCZDEmq

In the video, which went viral after civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson tweeted it, the police officer is seen punching the man over and over, eventually tackling him to the ground.

The man appears to be bleeding onto the sidewalk at the end of the clip.

In a statement Saturday, Interim Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle said he‘s “deeply disturbed by the video” and has suspended the officer.

Statement from Interim @BaltimorePolice Commissioner Gary Tuggle on the viral video circulating online. https://t.co/3feuv9gU7E. https://t.co/FJNlL8lzNj

The incident is now being investigated, and bodycam footage will be reviewed.

Tuggle is also asking witnesses to contact the Office of Professional Responsibility, which investigates police misconduct.

A police spokesperson declined to comment on whether the officer would be identified.

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