People Really Think This "Beauty And The Beast" Doll Looks Like Justin Bieber

Beauty and the Biebs.

With just a couple months left until the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie comes out, the marketing push for Belle dolls is already underway.

But one doll...stands out from the rest.

The doll was first posted on Flickr by William Herrington, a Colorado-based photographer and doll enthusiast whose "excitement turned to disappointment and disgust" when he stumbled upon the doll at JC Penney at the Mesa Mall in Grand Junction on Friday.

"I knew that Disney Store's live action dolls are never 100% accurate to the actors, but this one was atrocious!" he told BuzzFeed News. "Her face was shiny and covered in freckles (that looked more like a skin disease) and her head looked like it was being ripped open and torn where the hair was rooted into the head."

"As for any resemblance to Emma...yeesh. There really isn't any," he said.

When the internet got hold of the pictures, everyone immediately had questions.

What the fuck is this? Did the plastic from Lord Farquaad's batch LEAK into Belle's vat at the factory?! 😒😒

The overwhelming consensus was that the doll looked like Justin Bieber.

they thought they made a nice emma as belle doll but instead they made a justin bieber doll

when you order an emma watson doll online but a justin bieber doll in a yellow dress & a wig arrives instead

They must have used Justin Bieber's doll face mold holy fuck

Here's a side-by-side comparison:

But people think the doll looks like other stuff, too.

This doll looks like Jennifer Garner trying to disguise herself as Emma Watson in an episode of Alias.

The New Belle Doll Looks Like She's Waiting For Her Order At Starbucks But The Next Drink That Arrives Is For Susan.

Belle looks like the Beast just told her he wants to get it on at least once BEFORE he transforms back into a human.

People really can't handle it.



All of us right now:

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Disney and JC Penney.

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