This Woman Actually Made A Sean Spicer Lawn Ornament To Display Among Your Bushes

The perfect way to ~spice~ up your lawn. And she's given BuzzFeed News a template so you can make your own!

In a colorful scene described in a Washington Post story Wednesday, reporters said Spicer "spent several minutes hidden in the bushes" to avoid taking questions about why President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

This is just the most unreal scene to picture—Spicer, hiding in the bushes, asking for the lights to be turned off…

The story was later updated "to more precisely describe" that Spicer had actually been "among" the bushes — not "in" them.

Someone wants you to know this critical note to @wpjenna's amazing story: Spicer was *among* the bushes, not in the…

Naturally, people had a field day with this information.

this gif is overused, but in light of sean spicer in the bushes....

It's 9 a.m. Sean Spicer arrives to the bushes. He hangs his jacket on a branch, sets various family photos in the leaves. He works here now.

found this photo of sean spicer hiding between the bushes

Spicer on phone to WaPo: 😡 "I was not IN the bushes! I was AMONG the bushes!" Editor: 🙄 Social media manager: 😎

But on Thursday, one creative Canadian woman from Victoria, British Columbia, got some inspiration from the incident...

Lisa Kadonaga, who teaches at the University of Victoria, told BuzzFeed News when she heard about the curious Spicer reports, she immediately thought about all the luscious pastures and hedges around her home city. "The thing about Victoria is we’re into gardening here and there are bushes all around," she said. "I was looking around outside and thought hmmm."

...and so Kadonada created this original Spicer cut-out from a Getty newswire image and stuck it among some bushes at a nearby bank.

She said as a Canadian staying informed on the news coming from the US, she finds all of it "so strange."

People are very inspired by her ~ornament~.

Trolling Level: Expert. Plus, extra credit for creatively crafting resistance.

The best laugh of my morning. I hope these show up everywhere.

The world may be going to shit, but there are times when I really love humanity.

Just in time for Mother's Day!

must have for mothers day....#hinthint

*adds to cart for Mothers day gift*

And many are saying they plan to make lawn Spiceys of their own.


Time to start my next craft project.

#GardenSpicer is now a real hashtag, where people are really planting Spicer faces ~among~ their local bushes.

#GardenSpicer spotted outside of the Watergate!

My #gardenspicer!! Thank you Lisa Kadonaga! @PressSec #saturdaymorning #DumpTrump

You can download, print out, cut out, and stick your own Spicer in a bush here.

And if you do, please share with us photos of your Spicer bushes.

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