A Congressman Called For "Disruptive" CNN Reporter To Be Banned From Press Conferences

Randy Weber, a Republican from Texas, said the reporter "should be fired & prohibited from any press briefings."

President-elect Donald Trump refused to answer a CNN reporter's question at a press conference on Wednesday, saying, "Don't be rude... you are fake news."

Trump shutting down CNN reporter trying to ask a question: "Don’t be rude... you are fake news"

"You are attacking us," the reporter, Jim Acosta, said. "Can you give us a question?"

"I am not going to give you a question, you are fake news," Trump replied, before moving onto another reporter.

Acosta later said that incoming press secretary Sean Spicer told him "if I were to do that again, I was going to be thrown out of this press conference."

CNN's @Acosta: Trump spokesman @seanspicer warned he'd be expelled from presser if he pushed for another question https://t.co/wmEvRJ2qYb

Thursday morning, Texas congressman Randy Weber tweeted that Acosta "was disruptive to the press briefing" and "disrespectful to Trump," and that he "should be fired & prohibited from any press briefings."

The CNN reporter who was disruptive to the press briefing, & disrespectful to Trump-should be fired & prohibited from any press briefings.

Swarms of people are criticizing Weber for what many are calling "threats to free speech."

Here what threats to free speech actually look like: https://t.co/MVZT6vGvwL

Dear Congressman: "Congress shall make no law... prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of… https://t.co/m2MIlDhj7v

Y'all love to preach "freedom of speech" until someone disagrees with you. Pathetic and weak excuse of Americans https://t.co/qc113E5CZ4

Some are pointing out that Weber is essentially calling for "firing reporters for doing their job."

firing reporters for doing their job: not a good look for an administration rife with fascism comparisons https://t.co/kOqCfXpRQU

Key word: reporter. That man was at a presser doing his job, which is hard when the person leading the day's events… https://t.co/a12zxU3j1O

And so it begins. Anyone who questions should be fired. PS and FYI, Journalists are supposed to hold power to accou… https://t.co/JFe1RjeuKR

Nothing creepy and authoritarian about this. Firing and punishment for those "disrespectful to Trump." https://t.co/wZMui3c8Eu

And many are calling Weber "a threat to the very Constitution people elected him to defend."

This is a Congressperson who poses a threat to the very Constitution people elected him to defend. https://t.co/eoTcmrywVi

A party that loves that constitution, clearly. https://t.co/dZvuodhtYJ

The GOP wraps itself in the constitution, but doesn't care much for the freedom of the press bit I guess https://t.co/TP7eRKcmOC

This is a Congressperson who swore to protect and uphold the Constitution. If he doesn’t support the 1st Amendment,… https://t.co/Bocq5bV9CA

Weber's office did not immediately return request for comment.

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