12 New Podcasts That Will Make You A Better Human

Because Serial comes out only once a week.

So anyone who loves podcasts knows that recently there was a big splash...

Serial is in good company.

1. Death Sex and Money

2. Criminal

3. Call Your Girlfriend

4. The Gist

5. Sideshow

6. Why Oh Why

7. Everything Is Stories

8. Start Up

9. Talk of Shame

10. Fugitive Waves

11. Pitch

12. Here Be Monsters

If you don't know how to download a podcast, watch this tutorial from Ira Glass and the most charming lil' old lady you'll ever meet:

View this video on YouTube


Are there any new podcasts you're listening to that are blowing your mind?

Studio 360 is a program from both PRI and WNYC. An earlier version of this post misstated that it was WNYC's show.

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