An Illustrated Guide To ASMR

Turn up for your scalp.

First, play this ASMR track and prepare to feel verrrrrry relaxed:

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which for many people means that their scalp will get a little tingly when hearing a particular sound. For some, it happens with music but there is an entire world of ASMR out there for those interested in learning more about it.

1. Your life is frenetic and your brain is going in a million different directions.

2. Then Soundcloud user Dmitri ASMR introduces his gentle voice.

3. The chimes of the bowls help you overcome any skepticism you may have.

4. Nothing can rattle you...

5. With each vibration, your problems melt away and you succumb to the infinite pull of the universe.

6. What even is this feeling? Are you high?

7. Maybe?

8. "I should really get back into yoga," you think.

9. But you don't need yoga, you're already transfixed...

10. Those vibrations are just so soothing rolling over your scalp.

11. It's like a billion little lasers tickling your head through your ears.

12. "Life is manageable."

13. "Inbox zero doesn't matter."

14. Yoga? NOga.

15. "I am immersed in the tingles."

16. Tap tap tap tap-tap tap tap

17. "There is nothing but this exact moment."

18. "Who I am is entirely ok."

19. "I am literally stardust."

20. "I am one with humanity."

21. And now...


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