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You Can Go Somewhere Beautiful At This Exact Moment

While you wait for teleportation to be invented, go somewhere beautiful.

Posted on June 7, 2014, at 11:21 a.m. ET

You may not have enough money to go anywhere exceptional.


But here's some good news: there are beautiful places to visit with the help of your ears.

Like this Malaysian swamp, where a frog invites you to sit with him (her?) on a rock and listen to nature singing her song.

Wild Ambiance / Via

This was the winning sound of the Most Beautiful Sound in the World Competition.

Or you could stretch out, lay back and listen to the crash of waves on Shell Beach, in Sonoma.

Mark Dolmont / Via

Those sparkly sounds are just so satisfying.

Or you could go back to a simpler time, when basic bodily functions are hilarious.


(Who are we kidding, farts are still hilarious.)

This bird is having a really cool nature frolic tonight and everyone's invited.

Listening Earth / Via

The ice is melting! Things are being born! And sources say that at 2:15 a cuckoo is announcing the arrival of a very high-profile wood sprite.

You could also just chill in a jungle and do your own thing. Bonus: there aren't any venomous snakes or bugs.


That bird at 1:31 really likes your outfit today.

Or take a nice afternoon stroll along the Japanese coastline during a rainstorm.

Nature Sounds Japan/SonicFields / Via

The wave at 5:58 is sending a cheeky invitation to splish splash along with it.

If the fall makes you nostalgic, these whispering trees have something to tell you.


Sssssshhhhhh, they say. Don't worry about your credit score. Tell your deepest secrets to the branches and relax.

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