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26 Things Only Podcast Lovers Understand

Grab your earbuds, you're going on an adventure.

Posted on May 29, 2014, at 3:36 p.m. ET

1. You MUST make sure your phone is charged before you leave the house.

OVO Sound / Via

And if it isn't, you consider staying home. There's probably no reason to go out when you can learn how a diving bell works with the Stuff You Should Know podcast, right?

2. You’ve deleted photos/videos of treasured memories to make room for more podcasts.

Focus Features / Via

Really, who cares about your sister's graduation when there's a new episode of The Memory Palace about a guy who actually mailed himself to freedom in a box.

3. The songs that play during your favorite podcasts are the ones you listen to most.

20th Century Fox / Via

And you can recognize the tone of a story based on the interstitial music alone, like the peppy tunes used on the This American Life episode about Cars.

4. You have had a "driveway moment" that lasted through the end of one show and into the next one.

Paramount Pictures / Via

It's not like you can listen to a Radio Diaries teenage diary update without hearing the original, too.

5. You say "oh yeah, I heard that on a podcast" every time a current event or celebrity comes up.

LogoTV / Via

But you're secretly proud of all the things you've learned on shows like All Things Considered and Fresh Air.

6. You get really excited to talk about a podcast you just listened to.

NBC / Via

And you can't wait until your friends get into it, too, so you can swap favorites and nerd out the way shows like 99 Percent Invisible teach you to.

7. You know about a movie or TV show not because you watched it, but because you listened to a podcast about it.

NBC / Via

And you pretend the insights you learned from shows like the Pop Culture Happy Hour or the Slate Culture Gabfest are your own.

8. You know all the personal jokes and taglines from your favorite podcasts.

9. You know which day your favorite podcast comes out and download it the second it’s available.

Universal Pictures / Via

And you have a favorite day because of that podcast.

10. Podcasts have become an integral part of your routine and it feels like something is missing when you miss one.


And the longer you've been listening, the harder it is to quit. Which is why you're addicted to Radiolab and why it broke your heart when The Best Show ended.

11. The thought of working out without a podcast to listen to is devastating to you.

Focus Features / Via

And you feel extra inspired when the podcast you're listening to matches your workout, like stepping on the treadmill and hearing the Third Coast Re:Sound Podcast's Running Show.

12. In fact, the thought of doing most chores without a podcast to listen to is almost unbearable.

Warner Bros. / Via

It's almost better to just order in and listen to Al Yancovic explain the myths behind his foodie songs on The Sporkful if you can't listen to podcasts while cooking.

13. And sometimes you invent things to do just so you can listen for a few more minutes.


What's another Moth story if you end up getting all your laundry folded?

14. Kicking back and relaxing looks something like this:

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Little known fact: Julia Roberts was jamming out to the "Don't Leave me This Way" episode of Soul Music while recording that scene.

15. You feel special knowing the stories behind your favorite books.

PBS / Via

And you're charmed by how self-effacing and smart your favorite writers are, like Susan Orlean on the Longform Podcast.

16. Your love of podcasts has also helped you form some of your most ardent political opinions.

Comedy Central / Via

And you feel grateful for shows like Slate's Political Gabfest and On The Media or Life of the Law for shaping your worldview.

17. You have cracked up in public while listening to a podcast.

ET / Via

So what if people think you're crazy? Ronna and Beverly would have no regrets.

18. And there have been times when you had to take a break from a podcast to shed a few tears.

Universal Pictures

And you know the ones that are going to make you ugly cry, like Storycorps.

19. You know more about Audible,, Squarespace and so many other random companies than you will ever need to.

New Line Cinema / Via

But you don't hate, because they are making your favorite podcasts happen. (But really, WHO IS LEASING POSTAGE METERS? IT IS 2014 PEOPLE.)

20. You know the joy that comes from making up characters in your head to go with the stories you’re hearing.

PBS / Via

And you're excited that you can create an entire universe, like Night Vale.

21. Podcasts have taught you some important life skills.

How to write with Grammar Girl! How to order a soda with Coffee Break Spanish! How to work out with Ben Greenfield! How to be less poor with Planet Money! The possibilities are endless and the price is right (that's $0 money down, people.)

22. You have very strong opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of various podcast apps.

20th Century Fox / Via

23. You feel like you know your favorite podcast hosts really well.


And you're pretty sure that Julie Klausner or Marc Maron would want to be your BFFs.

24. You've evangelized to your friends about how many great stories are out there, waiting for them.

And there's nothing more satisfying when their minds are blown by pieces like Ministry of Presence on KCRW's UnFictional.

25. Old people think you're some kind of computer genius for listening to podcasts (or helping them download them.)


And you have to explain to them that their favorite NPR shows like A Prairie Home Companion and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me can magically hop into their iPhones.

26. But really you know you've got something in common with past generations, because you can get into the pleasure of listening.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Walter Murch said it, and it's true: hearing is the first of the senses to be turned on.

So keep up your love of podcasts. It will take you far.

NBC / Via

(But don't forget to charge your phone.)