People Think This Video Of A Woman Making Racist Remarks Happened Because Of Marine Le Pen's Success

"Marine Le Pen will win, everyone will leave, you first!"

On Tuesday, Twitter account @RookieGarry972 shared a video that showed a woman saying racist remarks in front of a Simply store in Grenoble, France. The user told BuzzFeed he was sent the video via a WhatsApp group.

Votez Le Pen c est accepter au quotidien ce genre de scène.

"Voting for Le Pen means accepting this kind of scene on a daily basis."

The woman can be heard saying to a black security guard outside the store, "Fuck off, otherwise I'll hit you."

"We voted for Marine Le Pen, she is going to win, everyone is going to leave, you first," she says.

She later says she was prevented from entering the store, and launches into a string of screams.

"Madam, no one will leave, because we are all French," the author of the video says. "Everyone is going to leave," she replies. "I am very happy that Marine Le Pen got 22%!"

At the end the person shooting the video can be seen, saying "this is racism."

The video has been retweeted over 39,000 times.

"Why did Jean-Marie [Le Pen] put on a wig?"

Several people thought the woman's outburst was because she was "liberated" by the National Front success in last weekend's first-round French election vote.

L'avenir Version #FN La différence avec 2002, c'est qu'il y a plus de complexes ni de honte à être raciste...

"The National Front future. The difference with 2002 is that there isn't any shame in being racist anymore."

Others have praised the security guard for his patience.

@RookieGarry972 @Insoumis_Chan L'agent de sécurité à une maîtrise de soi impressionnante.

"The security guard has impressive self-control."

The manager of the store, who wished to remain anonymous, told BuzzFeed News the woman is known to the store, and that this is not the first time she has made these remarks.

@RookieGarry972 gros respect au mec d'être rester calme

"Big respect to the guy for being calm."

"These remarks drive me mad," they said. "She does not have the right to enter the store."

@RookieGarry972 Pathétique ! 🙏 RESPECT pour ceux qui ont été confrontés à ça et ont su garder leur calme!

"Pathetic! 🙏 RESPECT for those who have been confronted with this and have kept their calm!"

This post was translated from French.

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