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Watch Anthony Weiner Argue About "Deviant Behavior" With A Voter One Week Before The Election

"You know nothing," Weiner says. "You think you can judge me?"

Posted on September 4, 2013, at 2:18 p.m. ET

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In the video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, Democratic mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is leaving a bakery when a man apparently shouts at him from off-camera. Weiner engages him, getting into a heated argument with dozens of cell phone cameras recording the altercation.

The man calls Weiner "disgusting."

"You're my judge? What rabbi taught you that?" Weiner responds.

"Your behavior is deviant. It's not normal behavior," the man continues. "Think about your wife. Right, how could you take the person you're most closest to — and trusts you — and betray her?"

"You don't get to judge me because you've shown no sign your superior to me and you are not my god," Weiner responds at one point.

The New York City mayoral primary election is Tuesday, Sept. 10. Weiner is the candidate of choice among 7 percent of likely Democratic primary voters, according to a Quinnipiac University survey released Tuesday.

Weiner was a top candidate in the race until Sydney Leathers, a woman he sent lewd messages to after resigning from Congress, came forward with her story in July.

Update: The Weiner campaign has uploaded an extended version of the video. The argument begins around 3:40 with the man calling Weiner a "scumbag." At 3:53, it sounds like the man says, "You're married to an Arab." After Weiner calls him "charming" and a "jackass," the man says, "Don't lose your temper."

Later on Wednesday, when asked about the exchange by a reporter, Weiner said he thought the man "deserved to be put in his place."

"If you're gonna say vile things about me and my family, you should expect that I'm gonna go back at you," Weiner said. "I don't want to make more of it than what it was, but ... you don't have an unfettered right to say vile things just because I'm a candidate, and I felt that it was important that I respond."

But, he added, "in the spirit of the new year, I forgive him."

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