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Rob Ford "Very Fortunate" No City Emergencies Have Happened During One Of His Benders

Toronto's crack-smoking mayor tells Today, "I'm not perfect ... I have a weight issue."

Posted on November 19, 2013, at 9:17 a.m. ET

In an interview Monday night with a somber Matt Lauer, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said he feels "very fortunate" that no city emergencies have come up during one of his crack-fueled "drunken stupors."

"But that could happen with anybody at anytime," he added, sitting beside his brother, Councillor Doug Ford. "Say you were gone out drinking or you were drunk, and say something happened to your family ... Are you going to be able to handle that?"

The mayor — who was stripped of several powers on Friday and Monday, including the authority to lead a city during a city emergency — said he is not undergoing any treatment programs for his alcohol or drug abuse troubles. He admitted to having a "weight issue," but said he has "been training every day." He challenged Lauer to return to Toronto later to see his progress.

"Give me five or six months, and if they don't see a difference, I'll eat my words," he said. "

Lauer told Ford he has brought shame to his office.

"We've all made mistakes, Matt," Ford said. "I'm not perfect. Maybe you are, maybe other people are. I've made mistakes. I've admitted to my mistakes."