Ed Koch "Handwrote" Emails Defending Obama

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who died Friday, took great pride in responding to every email he was sent, despite the fact that he doesn't use a computer. How did Ed Koch do it? His assistant printed them all out and he wrote his responses on the emails by hand. Here are 13 longhand emails defending the President, provided to BuzzFeed by Koch in 2012.


Koch's Response: I believe he now understands the need to support Israel and did a remarkable job on behalf of Israel at the Security Counsel with respect to Palestinian Authority's request for UN membership. Further, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak vouches for him as a good friend of Israel.


Koch's Response: Yes. I still support President Obama's reelection. He did a remarkable job on behalf of Israel at the Security Council considering the application of the Palestinian Authority for state recognition. Also, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak gives President Obama high marks. Sorry we disagree on this one.


Koch's Response: Ridiculous


Koch's Response: I am familiar with everything you wrote and still believe President Obama deserves my support for the reasons I have given and with which you are familiar. I agree with the comments of Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak. The following transcript extract comes from the Charlie Rose interview of November 15, 2001...

I am sure we continue to disagree, but I am quite comfortable with my position which supports President Obama's reelection.


Koch's Response: Please point out one "canard" in my statement.


Koch's Response: Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak says the following and he certainly knows [illegible].


Koch's Response: I think you go too far, thinking Obama to be a communist. There is no basis for that contention. Exchanging holiday wishes, x-mas or any other, is always appropriate.


Koch's Response: God helps those who help themselves.


Koch's Response: Thank you. I believe you are much too hard on President Obama who I have criticized. Your criticisms are grossly overstated or just plain wrong. However I appreciate your writing and providing your honest opinions.


Koch's Response: I disagree that Obama was elected because he is black. I believe he was elected because of his standing for the Democratic policies that the people wanted. He won despite his African-American status and the bigotry that existed in large but fortunately not dominating measure. All the best for the new year.


Koch's Response: I believe the most important need now is to make the income tax fairer by eliminating the loopholes which give enormous benefits to the wealthy so that Warren Buffet pays 15.7 percent on his income, while his secretary probably pays twice that amount. Capitalism is still the best way to go: witness China, a communist country allowing it to flourish there.


Koch's Response: I believe the democratic philosophy of "we will lend a helping hand to those in need" as opposed to the Republican policy of "I made it on my own and you'll have to do the same," is why I and millions more will vote for Democratic party candidates, including President Obama. All the best for the new year.


Koch's Response: Obama's whole statement was magnificent and superbly delivered.



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