What's The Weirdest Thing You've Eaten In Quarantine? And Did You See This Living Room Concert?

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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten in coronavirus quarantine?

While some have seized on extra at-home time to work on their culinary skills, others have gotten a bit desperate with what’s left in the pantry!

“I gave my boyfriend a bag of spicy cheese in his Christmas stocking this year as a joke and yesterday we ate it,” comedian Leah Bonnema said. “So joke’s on us.”

Check out how a musician turned a canceled tour into a coronavirus fundraiser!

Marc Rebillet used his popular livestreams to sell tour T-shirts for a series of concerts taking place entirely in his living room and raised over $30,000 for the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund.

“I've been streaming online for a few years now, and it occurred to me that I could just sort of re-create the dates online,” Rebillet explained. “And, you know, still bill it as a tour just for fun, even though I'm all alone in my apartment.”

Would a celebrity Zoom call spice up your quarantine?

Saturday Night Live’s videoconference sketches have us debating which TV show cast we’d most like to join our meetings for a change of pace!

“I would love to be in a Zoom call with the cast of The Jersey Shore,” said comedian Charlie Bardey. “I just feel like there would be so much fun drama that you don’t normally get in a Zoom call.”

Here are some tips to keep your relationship intact through quarantine!

Judge Lynn Toler of Marriage Boot Camp answered all of our questions about the many relationship struggles that come from being stuck inside with a roommate or significant other!

“You can do all the screaming you want — just not at each other,” Toler said. “You can get on a treadmill and scream. You go outside, scream. I go out in the backyard and scream all time.”

Wayne Brady revealed the creative way he’s taking advantage of extra family time!

The Let’s Make a Deal host is enjoying plenty of game nights, and even putting a special game show twist on family dinners!

“This last one that we did was to dress up as a superhero or a villain,” Wayne Brady explained. “And then we also have to make a dish. So it was superhero/villain and Italian food.”

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