This Family Held A Quarantine Olympics! Plus, Is There A Wrong Way To Eat An Orange?

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This family staged their own Quarantine Olympics!

The Pressley family is filling the void left by the postponement of this summer’s Tokyo Games with a toilet paper toss and more quarantine competitions on TikTok.

“You know what they say,” comedian Anna Roisman joked, “the family that TikToks together stays together.”

Is there a wrong way to eat an orange?

A TikTok of a veterinarian biting straight through the peel had his employees freaking out and kicked off a debate across the internet!

“I would never go as far as eating an orange with the peel, but I have eaten potato chips with chopsticks because I don't want to get my fingers oily,” comedian Fumi Abe said.

Kalen Allen’s hilarious quarantine meal plan!

Has your cooking changed over time while stuck at home? Kalen Allen walked us through his quarantine “meal plan” and the struggle is real!

“Day 23 — hopefully you got some oatmeal and maybe some toast, even though you probably only have the butts,” Allen joked. “Was I the only one that never ate the butts of the bread? So you probably just going to have to swallow your pride and eat them butts.”

Have you found any bright sides to being stuck at home?

Comedian Vir Das is taking a glass-half-full approach to quarantine in his new show recorded from self-isolation!

“Snacking and cooking all the time. Now you appreciate all the waiters and anybody who ever served you food in your entire life,” Das explained. “You love those people now. So for the rest of your life, you're going to be an extremely good tipper.”

Babyface and Teddy Riley finally had their long-awaited Instagram battle!

Artists have been facing off in Instagram Live battles for weeks, and fans were treated to some serious ’90s nostalgia on Monday from Babyface and Teddy Riley — after several technical difficulties derailed their first attempt!!

“I felt like I was watching my two uncles figure out how to use their phones,” comedian Eva Evans said.

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