Here's What Everyone Is Baking At Home Around The World! Plus, A Quarantine Love Story

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An update to that viral quarantine drone date...

We caught up with Jeremy Cohen about the videos of his experience trying to go on dates with his neighbor from quarantine. Cohen has used everything from a drone to a giant bubble to try to make it work while social distancing, and he’s not out of ideas yet!

“We’ve been on four dates now. I have my idea for our next date and it’s really different than all the other dates we’ve done so far,” Cohen said. “Once quarantine is lifted we have plans to just go on a normal date — maybe just a bar to talk about all of this. It will be nice to hang out in person without a bubble in between us.”

Here’s what people are baking around the world

It seems like everyone is baking in quarantine, but new data from Pinterest shows that what you’re baking depends on where you live. The most popular recipe in Italy is for mimosa cakes, while bakers in Argentina have opted for salty croissants!

“I think the next ‘world food trend’ shouldn't even be food,” comedian Andrés Govea said. “I’m all about the drinks.”

Which celebs would you invite to a virtual potluck dinner?

John Krasinski's socially distant soirée included Martha Stewart, Guy Fieri, David Chang, and Stanley Tucci, all to support restaurant workers and raise money for relief funds!

“If you’re coming to my potluck, you gotta try. You know what I mean,” comedian Michael Cruz Kayne joked. “You know the guy who’s like ‘I'll bring chips’? No, you won’t. Go home.”

People from around the world came together to celebrate this WWII vet’s birthday!

After Capt. Tom Moore raised over $37 million for the UK’s National Health Service, thousands of people from all over the globe showed their appreciation with cards for his 100th birthday!

“In these bleak times, Capt. Moore is such a good reminder of how much kindness is out there,” comedian Leah Bonnema said.

This adorable bulldog isn’t loving quarantine!

A photo of a somber Big Poppa went viral after his owner explained how her dog’s demeanor had changed without friends to play with.

“I can totally relate to him,” comedian Arti Gollapudi joked. “I, too, just sit outside on my fire escape looking very sad and yearning at all the people walking below.

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