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Billie Eilish had a big week and the internet is fighting about Friends again, but we can’t stop talking about this adorable cat that’s kind of a jerk. Keep scrolling for full episodes on the stories that dominated our feed this week.

A scouting report for the big game...

Salvador Dolly, a mustachioed dog named for her uncanny resemblance to the famous surrealist artist, went viral over the summer and has landed a spot in the Puppy Bowl!

“Oh man, I saw the dog and I was so jealous that the puppy’s facial hair was more impressive than mine,” comedian Misha Han joked.

Should Kobe Bryant be the new NBA logo?

A petition urging the NBA to honor Kobe Bryant by making him the league’s logo has garnered over 3 million signatures.

“The NBA can change their logo to honor Kobe, but it has to be a definitive Kobe move, like a dunk or a crossover, but it can’t just be the same exact position that Jerry West was in,” comedian Monroe Martin told the chat.

“Music’s biggest night” put Billie Eilish in the spotlight!

Billie Eilish is set to perform at the Oscars, fresh off her historic win at the Grammys with a sweep of four major awards categories.

“Normally with these songs, there are so many writers and producers involved, but I thought it was really cool to just see Billie and her brother Finneas as the credit and still they won all these categories,” BuzzFeed writer Syd Robinson explained. “And they produced it in the bedroom, like, that is so amazing."

Ross defends Friends, but Living Single fans would like a word!

David Schwimmer's latest comments about diversity on Friends and a potential reboot with an all-black cast has fans of Living Single up in arms!

“OK we could reboot Friends with a more diverse cast, or we could reboot Girlfriends...or honestly, just watch Girlfriends," comedian Charlie Bardey joked. "You should just watch Girlfriends, it’s so good. Tracee Ellis Ross forever!"

This cat may be a jerk, but she still found a home!

A brutally honest adoption listing for “the world’s worst cat” paid off for this animal rescue! Perdita found a new home after a Facebook post describing her as “just a jerk” went viral.

“I’m completely a dog person so I think all cats are jerks,” BuzzFeed’s Jade Elliott told the chat. “This one just likes showing it a bit more.”

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