A Mom Explained Why She Took Her 2-Year-Old Daughter To Protest

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Should you take your kids to protests?

As parents across the country grapple with how to discuss police brutality and racism with their children, one mom explained why she thought it was important to bring her 2-year-old daughter with her to protest.

“How can I just allow her to watch from the windows and not actually be there and see it for herself?” Suzette Kennedy said, explaining why she brought her daughter, Madison, to a protest in Brooklyn. “Show your kids how to fight for what you want.”

John Boyega gave an emotional speech at a Black Lives Matter rally

The Star Wars actor spoke to protesters in London in an emotional moment that quickly went viral.

“I need you all to understand how painful this is,” Boyega explained. “I need you to understand how painful it is to be reminded every day that your race means nothing!”

What BuzzFeed News reporters saw at protests across the country...

Adolfo Flores recalled a frantic scene in Minneapolis and being pushed to the side after a tanker truck nearly drove through a crowd of protesters on a highway.

In Washington, DC, Addy Baird said pepper spray and tear gas from police made it hard to breathe as peaceful protests turned tense overnight.

In Minneapolis, Lam Thuy Vo witnessed a poignant moment between protesters and a National Guard sergeant who took time to listen to them.

“And I think in many ways, that encapsulated what we heard from a lot of folks,” she explained. “A lot of people that we talked to during this protest just said they felt unheard and had felt unheard for a long time.”

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