Matthew McConaughey Surprised These Seniors! Plus, What If Flight Attendants Could Work From Home?

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Matthew McConaughey is making quarantine alright, alright, alright!

The seniors at this Texas facility got a social distancing surprise from the star when he hosted virtual bingo for them!

“How old do you have to be to go into a nursing home,” comedian Anna Roisman joked. “Because I could really use a game of Bingo with Matthew McConaughey right now.”

What if flight attendants could work from home?

Not everyone is able to, but this flight attendant certainly tried with a hilarious viral video documenting her time in quarantine!

“We were going to try to do hairdresser, but I messed that one up already,” flight attendant Kristen Gillett explained. “Oh, it hurt my heart when I did that.”

Mike Rowe thinks the Deadliest Catch captains can teach us about self-isolation.

Rowe hosted a remote Discovery Channel special interviewing the stars of the show about their experience with quarantine.

“They're always uncertain. They deal with fear every day,” Rowe said of the captains. “So I I think the country will really enjoy getting their perspective on what's going on.”

What’s it like for musicians performing from home?

You may have caught a live streamed concert or two in your time at home, but Teddy Swims gave us the inside scoop on what it’s like for the artists performing from their living rooms!

“I think for me, the biggest difference in doing a live stream versus a live performance is, you know, obviously the energy. There's a different feeling in the room and it's contagious to everybody in the room rather than you just kind of seeing the comments that scroll,” Swims explained. “I think it's a beautiful day that we're all able to kind of broadcast ourselves to everybody, especially under the certain circumstances that we're in right now.”

This kid wrote a hilarious review of his mom’s homeschooling ability!

Parents have their hands full with many schools closed during the coronavirus outbreak, but this mom couldn’t help but laugh when she found her son’s brutally honest take on how homeschool is going!

“I feel like this kid would leave the best Yelp reviews,” comedian Fumi Abe joked. “The noodles were not good, the chefs were very confused because they had no idea what they were doing, but I’m telling you they were not good.”

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