The “Love Is Blind” Reunion Got Messy! Plus, BTS Fans Are Helping Coronavirus Relief — This Week On “Did You See This?”

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The Love Is Blind reunion got a bit messy!

Spoiler alert! Participants in the Netflix dating show came together 18 months after filming wrapped and fans are scratching their heads about how one couple ended up together.

“If you’re that desperate to go on a show to find love, then you’re gonna be pretty desperate to stay in love,” comedian Arti Gollapudi joked.

BTS had to cancel a tour in South Korea over coronavirus fears.

The tour was part of a wave of major event cancellations around the globe, but fans of the K-pop group turned it into something positive by donating over $300,000 in ticket refunds to coronavirus relief.

“It’s not like they’ve canceled my family’s trip to Disneyland,” comedian Michael Cruz Kayne joked. “I mean, they can’t cancel my family’s trip to Disneyland, right?”

Billy Porter explained why he’s playing a “genderless” fairy godmother in a new Cinderella reboot.

The actor offered a simple explanation: “Magic has no gender.”

“The role of the fairy godmother is to pump you up, to motivate you, and who better than Billy Porter,” comedian Leah Bonnema said.

An animal shelter sold pet portraits and the results are certainly memorable!

The one-of-a-kind art sale raised $12,000 for the Wisconsin Humane Society, with a mix of portraits by professional artists, volunteers, and even kids.

“I would love to get an awful drawing of my cat, Leo,” comedian Charlie Bardey said. “You know I could probably just do it on my own.”

Would you take a seat downgrade on a flight for $10,000?

Nine passengers on a United flight hit the jackpot when they were given that offer to move from business class to the airline’s “Premium Plus” offering.

“I was recently on a Spirit flight where the attendant did trivia for 30 minutes with the whole plane,” comedian Tim Platt said. “So, I would personally like $10,000 for that.”

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