What Life's Like In Italy's Coronavirus Lockdown. Plus, How The Outbreak Is Changing TV — This Week On “Did You See This?”

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Italy is under a nationwide lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Restaurants and shops across the country have shuttered and travel restrictions have been put in place in response to a growing number of COVID-19 cases.

“Italy is taking precautions that the entire world should be watching,” comedian Tim Platt said.

Studio audiences are disappearing from television shows.

Viewers watching Good Morning America, Jeopardy, Dr. Phil, and more shows may notice a change as a number of productions move forward without live audiences to encourage social distancing.

“I think it’s great that these shows are taping, as long as everybody on set feels safe,” comedian Leah Bonnema said. “Because I bet it makes people who are staying home feel sane.”

A change of plans for Coachella...

The famous music festival has been moved to October amid the growing coronavirus outbreak.

“Listen, I wasn’t at these festivals before the coronavirus, and I’m not going to these festivals after the coronavirus,” comedian Aminah Imani joked.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Gavin Leatherwood joined Did You See This?

We grilled the actor on our burning questions about the show's upcoming season and had him check out some of the most “chilling” TikTok videos we could find.

Asked about the potential for a Riverdale crossover episode, Leatherwood said he’s not aware of any current plans. “I would like there to be,” he added. “I want my moment. With Jughead. On a motorcycle. Riding off into the sunset. Holding Hands.”

The internet is mourning Marnie the dog.

The lovable dog known for her iconic dangling tongue found Instagram fame late in life when her adoptive family gave a second chance to a senior dog.

“Not to make it about me, but it is depressing to find out that a dog had more Instagram followers than I do,” comedian Michael Cruz Kayne joked.

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