Did You See This: The Worst Trends Of 2019! Plus, A Rihanna Documentary Is On The Way.

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The year is almost over, so we’re wrapping it up with a discussion on the trends we’d like to leave behind! Plus, the heartwarming story of four friends who just really needed to spend some time with a dog. Keep scrolling for full episodes on the stories that dominated our feed this week.

We’re still waiting for new music from Rihanna, but at least we’re getting a documentary.

RiRi’s fans are already wondering if she’s finally going to drop new music along with her upcoming documentary, which will stream on Amazon Prime. With over 1,200 hours of footage to pull from, it’s sure to be a never-before-seen look into the pop icon’s life.

“$25 million seems like a lot for a documentary — but, according to Rihanna, making a documentary is a lot of work, work, work, work, work,'' comedian Michael Salgarolo joked.

These guys just really wanted to meet their neighbor’s good boy.

Four guys in the UK were bummed when they couldn’t have a dog of their own, so they reached out to a neighbor to ask if they could spend some time with their puppy!

“All of a sudden boys love doing chores?” comedian Natalie Rotter-Laitman joked. “OK, I’m skeptical. Let’s go look at these boys’ houses and see if the dishes are done and if they can handle a dog."

These are the 2019 trends you’re really going to regret...

From space buns to chunky sneakers, the Did You See This? group chat has a few trends you’re probably going to wish you didn’t take part in this year.

“So as someone who doesn’t naturally have thick eyebrows, I’m really happy that they potentially might be on their way out,” BuzzFeed writer Jamé Jackson told the chat. “I wanna be part of the in-crowd too, and all eyebrows matter.”

Mariah Carey finally tops the charts!

After 25 long years, Mariah Carey has blessed us with a new music video for her iconic Christmas bop, "All I Want for Christmas Is You," which has finally taken its rightful spot at the top of the charts.

“I thought Mariah Carey had way more No. 1 hits than that,” comedian Monroe Martin said. “I hear her at every skating rink, every arcade — every girl I had a crush on quoted her in their notebooks, and y’all just now making this song a No. 1 hit? Y’all slow.”

Chrissy Teigen was not happy with John Legend’s surprise dinner party

“I’m obsessed with Chrissy Teigen,” comedian Anna Roisman told the chat. “I love the fact that she just let everyone know John planned this party without her and she wore her robe the entire time, which was the icing on the ice cream cake…that they both got.”

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