Did You See This: Baby Yoda Merch Is Finally Here! Plus, Check Out These Hilarious Peloton Ad Parodies

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Our group chat has been blowing up this week with everything from a holiday sweater that holds your dinner rolls to the Peloton ad we all just can’t seem to get enough of. Keep scrolling for full episodes on the stories that dominated our feed this week.

Everyone has thoughts on that viral Peloton ad, but we can’t get enough of the hilarious parodies it sparked!

“He clearly put a lot of thought into this gift,” comedian Misha Han joked of the poor Peloton ad husband. “Like what were his other options? A shake weight? A Bowflex? A juice cleanse? Come on guys, this man clearly loves his wife. Be nice!”

While some shoppers were snagging Black Friday deals, others were wondering if these robots popping up in some stores were cool or creepy.

“I don’t need a robot to follow me home with groceries. What I do need is a shady robot to tell me what groceries I should not have gotten,” comedian Drexton Clemons told our group chat. “I need a robot to be like, ‘Really? Cinnamon Toast Crunch?’ I need that robot.”

2019’s hottest holiday fashion accessory is...Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits?

Biscuits are great as a food, but the Did You See This? chat is split on the idea of actually wearing them in an ugly sweater.

More celebs are backing Gabrielle Union in the ongoing America's Got Talent drama.

While NBC launches an investigation into the circumstances of Gabrielle Union's departure from the show, celebrities like Howard Stern, Ariana Grande, and Lin-Manuel Miranda are lining up to show their support for her.

"Gabrielle Union says this is because her hairstyles were too black," comedian Eva Evans told our group chat. "It’s a good thing I didn’t lend Howie Mandel [my] headwrap, or else he would’ve been out of a job too…or maybe not."

You can finally buy your very own Baby Yoda, but there’s a catch!

If you’ve had Baby Yoda on the brain since Disney+ first dropped The Mandalorian, you can finally order some merch — just be ready to wait a few months for delivery.

“Baby Yoda is cute, but let me see what those merch prices are looking like ok?” comedian Devon Walker joked. “Y’all try to hit me with the $17.99 Baby Yoda, and now he’s not so cute anymore.”

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